• GlobalMedia

GlobalMedia for over twenty five years, thanks to the international experience in all sectors, achieves the aims through innovative technologies to get an interactive multisensory emotional communication.

Born in the city of Mantua, thanks to a team of professionals, GlobalMedia realizes the customers' business by designing "tailor-made" solutions with high multimedia interactivity value. Multimedia services are aimed at companies, government agencies, and to anyone who has the need to use new technologies to create or enhance their business.

It realizes “ad hoc” multimedia solutions that interactively stimulate the 5 senses, creating paths and scenaries, even olfactory, to build the experience around the visitor/user. Thanks to these innovative interaction systems, it evokes harmonic and emotional reactions to consolidate the memory of a positive and stimulating experience.

Companies need a partner to guide them through a direct and constant interaction, helping them to discover and use new technologies. GlobalMedia has the skills: cutting edge, thanks to an established know-how, constantly looking for ways to create new solutions, also proposing itself as active partner in the project.

"Power is nothing without control", wrote the famous advertising agency Young & Rubicam in London. GlobalMedia is well aware: beyond a creative power, is able to organize every aspect of the work, coordinating all the professionals involved in the project to achieve the goal.