Tazio Nuvolari and Enzo Ferrari, a partnership that made history in international motorsport. The initiative, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in New York together with GlobalMedia and hosted in Manhattan on Park Avenue, is authorized by the Tazio Nuvolari Museum and the Mantua Automobile Club. Fabio Castagna, head of the Tazio Nuvolari Museum's Digital Bank and curator of the exhibition, says: 'They were obsessed with winning. After an initial attempt at collaboration between 1930 and 1933, Ferrari decided to welcome Nuvolari back into his team in 1935, recognizing him as the strongest driver. Tazio raced motorcycles in the morning and won. He raced cars in the afternoon and won.' An exhibition that traces this period and offers engaging exclusive digital content, allowing visitors to relive some indelible moments experienced by the protagonists.

Newspapers: LA VOCE DI NEW YORK , WE THE ITALIANS ,  Italian Institute Culture in New York  , AISE Agenzia Internazionale Stampa Estero ,  Automobile Club Mantova 

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