• Emotion

Ideation, planning and realization of products/services related to the multimedia, mobile and Web are our everyday work.

Entertainment Project - Games, CD-Rom, WEB, 3D, Quicktime VR, hardware/software installation for exhibitions, events, shows and amusement parks (totem, info-point).

Gesture: search for information through gestures, body/facial movements.

Emotional Multisensory Paths: technologies that stimulate the 5 senses, holograms, multitouch frames, transparent monitor, interactive scenographies, touch and interactive presence sensors, active/passive and vocal tag.

Sound / Voice: creation of soundtracks and speaker-service in various languages for offstage dubbing.

Video: emotional, motivational, corporate, 360, 2D/3D animation.

Social: video message, community (Facebook, Twitter...).

Streaming: audio/video, leave-message.

Mapping: 2D/3D projections (ledwall, videowall, architectural).