• Dynamic
The product new line developed by GlobalMedia for self-administrating Your contents through a simple Internet connection and any preinstalled browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Safari, etc...), from the small to the big firm.

At least Three are the main figure in Your firm involved in "Dynamic Working" CMS without the necessity of a particular technical knowledge:
- Content Manager: in any time you will be able to administrate your contents.
- Marketing Manager: maintain and build loyalty of your clients/contacts through targeted professional services like Newsletter, Reserved Areas and others. Develope and organize new world strategies for Your company's communication and image, through dedicated tools such as Statistics, Report and others.
- Commerce Manager: manage product, prices and administration orders.

A simple, intuitive and personalized control panel will guide you through all the operations. Accessible 24 hours a day from all over the world using a simple Internet connection.

GlobalMedia will develop and manage, in each step, Your services structure, ensuring the full self-administration of Your contents. Moreover, Globalmedia will be theideal partner riducing Your administration costs, will support your operative structure, will improve relationship with your clients and will help developeing new business (E-Consulting).